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Oklahoma city looking for an older man

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Oklahoma city looking for an older man

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Today at AM Warning long post. Please read it all before commenting. On Tues Something went wrong and they were in a horrible accident.

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Today at AM Warning long post.

Cold rain, freezing rain, sleet, ice and snow. Any small space i have looked.

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Her pets were also tossed around and out of the vehicle. The Oklahoma highway lookung, our Clinton police officers and the firefighters looked everywhere for Meatz on scene for minutes and were unable to find her. I can't stop thinking about meatz and how devastating this situation is. Crate has been set out oklahoka towel and blanket, traps have been set but with the cold at night they are shut since no one can check them every couple hours.

OHP was also out there again today riding slowly past oklhoma accident site. With the cold temps I pray she has found cover and warmth to weather the storm until we can go out again tomor.

Oklahoma City

Understand this vehicle is on its roof with the underside of the vehicle facing the sky. The fire dept went thru the vehicle, I have gone thru the lookingg twice looking before I found out that she was holding meatz in the blanket and that she is out there somewhere where the accident occurred.

On Tues Please read it ciyt before commenting. I feel like i need to be out there doing more but with this weather i hope she is hiding and I know if she is hiding we couldn't find her right now.

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I have been asked to check under seats there is no room. God wrapped his arms around them and the other drivers that also hit their truck.

My heart is hurting for everyone involved. The girls survived.

My heart hurts. Once the vehicle was towed to the tow yard the fire dept went back out and used the jaws of life to cut the vehicle open to look in the truck for Meatz. The truck they were in is unrecognizable as a truck.

When the vehicle started to roll molly was ejected. We have spent hours looking, calling, oklahlma food, walking thru ditches, culverts, tall grass, wooded areas, fields, on both the westbound and eastbound sides, as well as the median, the sale barn area, the hay bales and the loves truck stop area. Everything is crushed together from front to back and top to bottom, seats are bent.

We have done almost everything possible. The bunny was located by the fire dept. Molly was the passenger and she had Meatz in her lap in a blanket and her bunny on her stomach.

Something went wrong and they were in a horrible accident. Day after day. Now we are having bad winter weather storm right now.