Mimosa Recipe: How to Make a Perfect Mimosa

Mimosa Recipe: How to Make a Perfect Mimosa

If you have been on the hunt for a mimosa recipe that gets it right, look no further! I have done the grueling work of testing several different ways to make a mimosa (tough job, but someone had to do it…) and I have found the perfect blend!

best mimosa recipe

My quest started earlier this week, when my 16 month old took a dive in our living room and gashed HER EYELID. She needed 3 stitches. Oh, and did I mention where they were located?


Little Layah was SO brave. Mama? Not so much. And no wonder my nerves were so shot. You see, this event came a few days after she ruined her best dress and the bathroom rug with nail polish, broke my favorite pair of glasses, and put poop in my hair. And two days after the “stitches incident” she decided to start the day at 1am (oh how I wish I was kidding) with her only naps for the entire day being a very brief one from 6-6:30 am (when our other child was up, so yeah…no nap for mommy) and in the car on the way home from running errands at 10:45am.

So I think it is no coincidence that while I was sitting in my car parked in my driveway with a sleeping toddler in the back that I started thinking that I needed to do a post on mimosas. I mean, I clearly needed to offer a recipe to my readers, just as a good and fun thing to do. Also, mama needed a drink in a major way by this point!

So Friday morning, I heard the following sentence come out of my mouth: “Layah! Get in the car, the wine shop opens in 6 minutes!”

Given the week we’ve had, I think I was justified, my friends!

I did a little experimenting with different quantities, and here’s what I found to be the perfect mix for a Mimosa

Mimosa Recipe
1/4 cup pulp-free orange juice
1/4 cup (plus a splash!) sparkling white wine (I recommend Prosecco)
Pour 1/4 cup orange juice into a champagne flute (oh heck yes, I broke out my stemware for the occasion!). This should fill nearly half the glass. Then pour 1/4 cup Prosecco into the flute. Top off the glass with an extra splash of sparkling wine (maybe 2 Tbsp? Just eyeball it). I found that the extra splash is exactly what the drink needs to go from good to great!

I hope this helped you figure out how to make a mimosa. They are really quite simple, and you can’t help but feel a tiny bit elegant while sipping on one. Even if you know you had poop in your hair a week ago…

For The Full Instructions, Please Visit The Full Recipes: stuffparentsneed.com

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